Weekly Rates

Term Length Rates
May 1st – May 31st Weekly rental $660.00+HST per week
June 1st – August 31st  Weekly rental (Saturday to Saturday Bookings Only) $760.00+HST per week
September 1st – October 31st Weekly rental $660.00+HST per week

* Please note HST is the 13% Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax and will be added. *

Daily Rates

Term Length Rates
May. September, and October Daily rental $140.00+HST per day

* Please note HST is the 13% Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax and will be added. *

Booking Policy

Deposit required is 1/2 of rental costs remaining balance removed from the credit card on file 7 days prior to check-in. We accept, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Also, check in time is 4:00pm and check out time is 10:00am. This will allow us time to properly prepare the facility for your use. As a guest at Birch Lake Resort, your health and safety are our top priorities!

Cancellation Policy

Full deposit refund 30 days in advance of rental date. Within 30 days, we will refund your deposit if we can re-rent your dates.

Pet Policy

Presently, we are a pet-friendly facility. We do not charge extra for them. All friendly pets are welcome; however, while outside, all pets are to be in the IMMEDIATE presents of their owners and MUST be leashed at all times. No exceptions!

Additionally, under no circumstances, pets are not to be left alone or unattended while in the cabins. Pets are not to go on the furniture, beds, sheets, or comforters etc. So, don’t forget to bring their bed/blankets.

Any unfriendly pets will be asked to leave the property, without a refund. You must pick up after your pet or a $10.00 per day fee will be applied to your account. Please be considerate or the pet-friendly designation will go away.

Smoking Policy

All of our cottages are smoke-free. This includes cigars, cigarettes, and electronic cigarettes as well as marijuana, and vaping products. The following charges will be added to the credit card on file, if this policy is violated: $250.00 clean up fee.

Occupancy Policy

Birch Lake Resort is a private facility and for registered guests use only. Please ensure that your parties are as per your reservations. If you’re expecting additional guests or visitors, in any capacity, without exception, they must be registered with the resort, while on the property.

Daily and nightly rates will apply for any additional people outside of your reservation.

Daily (8 am – 8 pm within or inclusive) is $10 per person for any amount of time, within the daily time frame.

Nightly (any time frame outside of the daily, up to 24hrs) will be considered nightly and will be $50 per person per day.