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About Birch Lake Resort

The place was originally called "Evan Lynn Lodge" but due to absentee owners, it became run-down and neglected. I purchased the property as a retirement project for my dad who just loved it out here. However, he died after only 2 years. Now that I am retired, I am able to run the place and spend my summers at the lake. It is a beautiful way to make a living. We started by renovating and fixing up each of the cabins to bring them up to modern standards. Then we added the docks, boat launch, and swim platform for the kids. We did a lot of painting on the outside of every cabin to freshen-up the property. In the following year, we added satellite TV, modern appliances, new mattresses, and a better drinking water system. After that, we had to secure the foundations of a few of the cabins because they are so close to the lake. We added 2 more boats for a total of 6, all new electric motors and batteries, and we added two canoes and a kayak.

Last year, we put a drainage system in the driveway to help the surface and spring feed water run-off. We also added a new septic system for the cabins and a completely new Small Drinking Water System as required by provincial law. Last year, we added a 10KW solar system to the property on top of a recently constructed boat house. This year, the construction goal is to turn the old boat house back into a nice cottage for renting again. Every year the place gets more and more comfortable. Come stay with us, you’ll be glad you did.

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